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Thursday, August 19, 2010

After Three weeks from the start of crises now world community has started to ramp up assistance to Pakistan against Flood Crises.

Saudi Arabia is Leading one announced a aid, whereas Japan said it would send helicopters to help share out food, water and medicine. Saudi Arabia has donated a further $80 million to Pakistan.

In the start of this week Saudi Arabia launched a national campaign to raise aid for the flood sufferers, with the campaign already collecting more than $26.7 million. The United Nations revealed that contributions and pledges of $272.4 million have so far been received for planned activities of the Pakistan Initial Floods Emergency Response Plan (PIFERP), lagging it behind by $187.3 million.

Manuel Bessler, The County Director UNOCHA, has told to reporters in a media briefing that clusters are now working to insert projects into PIFERP. An efficient version of the PIFERP, including projects, is due to be finalized by August 25.

More, he said the contributions in the context of the PIFERP, which intends to complement national efforts led by the government, donors have donated or promised at least $255 million directly to the government, to the Red Crescent/Cross Movement, and to other organisations for activities out of PIFERP.

With reference to Japanese embassy in Islamabad on Thursday said: “As the need is judged to be high for Japan Disaster Relief (JDR) activities with helicopters of the Self-Defense Forces (SDF), Japan started necessary preparations for a swift dispatch of the SDF unit as a JDR team”.

Algeria has also announced a $1 million contribution for the sufferers.

Uzbekistan has promised to give 40 tonnes of relief goods to Pakistan for the flood victims. The aid will contain tents, blankets, drinking water, medicines, flour, rice, canned baby food, adults and children’s clothing worth $300,000.

Two loader planer were flown to Pakistan with more than 73,000 kilogrammes of humanitarian aid.

Finland will donate a grant worth $4.1 million for the affected people.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies had increased its appeal to donors for $73.6 million. The federation had initially appealed for $3.3 million on August 2. agencies.


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