Do Your Job Without Hope of Kudos

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Does your products touch customers satisfaction level?
Do you perform your job on time?
Are your employees well-trained with your customers?
Do you solve customer problems as soon as they arise?

If you have all above qualities then its fine because it is your job.

Your customers come to you and pay for your products with the expectation that you will provide a good product at a fair price, deliver it on time, and treat them with respect. They don't anticipate that they'll be over-charged, for an inadequate product that is shipped late, by a rude employee. When they do experience this latter scenario, is it any wonder your customers get upset?

Put yourself in their place. Imagine you are eating dinner at a very nice restaurant, you expect to pay a bit more for the food, atmosphere, and for the professionalism of the staff. If these qualities exists, you're typically satisfied with your experience. However, if your food was not prepared to your liking and your waiter was rude, you're rightly disappointed. Now, what happens when your entrée is delicious, the atmosphere relaxing, and the waiter - a true professional - offers you a complimentary dessert because he believes your food took a bit too long to prepare? You're surprised and pleased that he is offering you something more than what you expected. Now you're not only satisfied with the restaurant, you're pleased and impressed. You received an additional value.

Start looking at your services from your customer's perspective and identify: "What little thing can we do or offer them that will add value to their experience with us?" These things are inexpensive but pay a lot.

Just start to care for these little things kudos will be your reward.


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